Historic Emmaus Events

The three preservations societies, each representing a separate house, will from time to time conduct individual events located at their respective houses.  At other times the three will coordinate their resources to conduct combined events.  These events for the most part are open to the public, but at times an event may be held specifically for members of Historic Emmaus.  These are done because of special interest from our members and as an enticement to encourage nonmembers to join our worthwhile cause..


Founders Day Celebration (July)

The Knauss Homestead and the 1803 House partner to sponsor the Emmaus Founders Day in honor of the Knauss and Ehrenhardt families, founders of Emmaus. This is the day to remember a major event occurred to celebrate, give thanks and to reflect upon the evolution of our community. It is an event to reflect on the foundation of our 'village small' created by Sebastian Knauss and Jacob Ehrenhardt. It is a time to look back at our historical journey and to look ahead to sustain the welfare of all persons that call Emmaus home.  

First annual Founders Day celebration was held on July 27, 2019.  


Oktoberfest Celebration (September)

Emmaus conducts events that continue to support its strong German heritage.  Oktoberfest is one of those events.  Although Oktoberfest is a relatively modern event, compared to when the original settlers came, it is in keeping with our German traditions.  The event is held at the Emmaus Community Park where there is ample space and parking. 

Old Fashioned Christmas (First Saturday in December)

This is a community-wide events focused on the Emmaus Triangle located at the intersection of Chestnut, South Fourth and Main Streets.  Activities are also held at each of the historical houses.