Take your students back in time to one of America's earliest “planned” communities...


The Emmaus Heritage Alliance in partnership with the East Penn School District developed a fun and educational two day program introducing third graders to the building of a community. This two day event includes discussions, demonstrations and hands on activities all in the shadow of the Shelter House, God’s Acre, The Knauss Homestead and the 1803 House.

Each site matches a specific time period to third grade curriculum objectives through various activities.
Pre-visit presentation Storytelling and a power point of the sites to be visited can be booked prior to the visit.  
Shelter House – Before a Community was Built Learn of early newspaper communication, what corn cobs were used for and hear of the early trail that led to Emmaus.
God’s Acre - Beginning of Emmaus Look beyond what is still standing, visualize and mark the original 20’x40’ church. Learn about the culture and uniqueness of God's Acre and discover through a scavenger hunt the names of both old and young who were laid to rest.
1803 House – Hearth Cooking Students will use inquiry skills to compare the 1803 House kitchen to a modern kitchen and  learn butter churning, food preparation, what herbs were used for and the importance of wood.
Knauss Homestead – Time Period Chores Discover what life was like on a colonial farm. Students will investigate the barn, the farmhouse, and learn to write with charcoal.
Research Visit for additional information on the sites.

Students are invited to pack a lunch and enjoy the sites, picnic style after the program.

This program is aligned with the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards