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Historic Emmaus is a cooperative effort of three historical preservation groups organized to preserve the early colonial structures that represent the founding of Emmaus. All three exist as they were originally built and convey an interesting evolution of German architectural styles from the 18th and 19th centuries. The three, shown above, are the Shelter House, the Knauss Homestead and the 1803 House.  Each is a museum piece exhibiting the progression of Colonial architecture in Emmaus.  

Preserving the History of Emmaus

Our aim is to Preserve the early history of Emmaus.  We do this by encouraging you to become a member and to request your donations to assist us with the many projects currently planned and underway.  We continue to maintain and improve our historical structures to ensure they continue to be available for future generations.  Your membership and support is critical to our success.  We also raise funds by conducting various events throughout the year.

We provide information through presentations to members and to the general public; and conduct education programs for school age children.


Emmaus was settled in the 1740s and dates its founding to 1759. For approximately 100 years, until the mid-19th century, it was a closed community of the Moravian Church. The original land on which the town now lies was donated by Sebastian Heinrich Knauss (Knauss Homestead) and Jacob Ehrenhardt (1803 House) for use by the Moravian church. The founders and original residents of the town were members of the Lutheran and Reformed faiths, who joined the Moravian church when their own denominations were unable to provide ministers. Emmaus was one of the four leading Moravian communities in the northeast United States at the time of its founding; Bethlehem, PA, Lititz, PA and Nazareth, PA were the three others.

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